Our Story

Solving the challenge of time and space

The Founders


What happens when a rockstar builder and a serial
entrepreneur who both happen to love golf put their heads together?

Frustrated with the myriad of work and life commitments, coupled with the short east coast golf season and all too often inclement weather, The SIM Sheds founders decided to take matters into their own hands and build their own indoor golf studio. The pair have since spent hundreds of hours playing and practicing golf, watching sporting events and movies while entertaining family and friends. SIM Sheds is the result of two years of hands on R&D and lots of fun.

Now, they are excited to share their love of indoor golf with players across the East Coast.


SIM Sheds


“Playing a round of golf outside is a significant time commitment that typically competes with family or work time. Couple that with challenging east coast weather and golf outings are too few and far between. A SIM Shed solves that. Now you can play golf literally anytime.”

~ Eric Auer, Founder SIM Sheds