Play Better

SIM Sheds’ robust practice tools will have your swing dialed in…

For the average (or like us, below average) golfer, finding the time to work on the various aspects of your game can be a challenge. While rolling putts in your office while on a conference call sounds like fun and working on your takeaway while standing in line at Starbucks can make new friends, nothing beats dedicated time spent hitting real golf balls. In a SIM Shed, you can work on your game anytime you have some downtime.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Raining? Dark? Before church? Anytime is the right time to practice in a SIM Shed. No longer do you need to drive to your club or local driving range to work on your game. Plus, you’re hitting real balls with real clubs and getting immediate feedback on critical data points like launch angle, ball speed and spin direction. If you’re hoping to improve your game, playing a round of golf on Sunday mornings four months a year isn’t enough. A SIM Shed allows you to take control of your practice times and improve your game.

Dial In Your Numbers

One of our favorite aspects of virtual golf is the information the launch monitor provides. Not only do you get instant feedback on every shot you take, but the software also logs each shot by club and gives you honest, objective feedback. Do you really hit that 7 iron 170? The launch monitor with tell you exactly. It’s like being your very own club fitter. Over time you will know your carry distances on each of your clubs. The result, better club selection and more confidence on the course.

Make It Competitive

We’ve all been guilty of mindlessly beating balls on the range. Does it help? Maybe a little. But what if you could make your practice competitive? SIM Sheds come with a variety of practice tools that not only allow you to work on virtually every aspect of your game from putting to chipping to driving, but also in a competitive environment where you can challenge yourself against other golfers from all over the world. Now practice means something!

Take A Lesson

Unable to find lessons from a local pro? With a SIM Shed you are no longer limited by geography. There are many pros around the world who specialize in delivering lessons online. The technology makes the experience seamless and even allows the pro to not only see your swing in realtime, but also get the same ball data you are seeing locally. Not sure if your club face is open or not at impact? The pro will know and help you fix it.

If you’re serious about playing better and getting more enjoyment from your game, regular practice is the key. With a SIM Shed you can practice literally anytime that is convenient to you and the robust practice tools will not only help you improve your game, but you might even have fun along the way.

P.S. If you want a deep dive into some of the practice tools available, check out this excellent video by one of the Online Golf Tour legends, V8Burble.