Family Time

Not just golf. SIM Sheds are perfect for entertaining family and friends…

When we built our first SIM Shed it was for a single, simple purpose. To play golf whenever we wanted. While we certainly are able to do that, what we didn’t factor was all other ways we utilize a SIM Shed.

No Pressure Golf

Have you ever wanted to take your child or spouse golfing, but were worried they’d stink up the place? Does their (or your) lack of ability to move the ball forward preclude you from even considering taking them golfing? With a SIM Shed, even the most beginner golfer can learn this great game without any of the pressure or stress of trying to play at a course. Bring a pro over for lessons at your convenience or schedule regular family time hitting balls together. The ability to practice and play with your family has been one of our biggest and most enjoyable benefits of owning a SIM Shed.

Entertain Family and Friends

When you own a SIM Shed, you don’t only own a state of the art golf simulator, you always own an amazing home theater. The SIM Shed technology is capable of playing movies in HD with an immersive surround sound experience. Movies, The Masters, Super Bowl, World Series, MMA, Oscar watch parties, you name it. Watching television on your own ten foot movie screen while reclining with your favorite beverage is something you will never grow tired of.

Safe Environment

Another added but unforeseen benefit of a SIM Shed was the safety factor. For your children, you can bet that they’re going to be spending more time at home, whether it’s playing golf, watching movies or having X-box, Playstation or online gaming marathons. You’ll know where they are and even be able to check in with them remotely should you desire. And for the big kids (you!), trust that you’ll also be safer. While those virtual golf bars are always fun, you’ll have just as much fun without having to leave your house. No designated driver needed and your buddy can always crash in the SIM Shed (its been done).

The idea behind SIM Sheds was to get better at golf, but we were pleasantly surprised at all the added benefits it brought to our family and friends. You will be too.