Compete Online

PGA, Web and Senior Tours, closest to pin contests and much, much more…

There’s an old adage in golf, the more you play, the better you’ll be and it’s a fact that those that play regularly in competitive games get better faster. I know it’s a fact, because my buddy, who used to be awful, now plays regularly in a local men’s league and whips my butt. He’s knocked 8 strokes off his cap in a year. But what if you don’t belong to a league, or don’t have the time to play as much as you’d like? With a SIM Shed you can play online against golfers of all skill levels from around the world. From scratch golfers to duffers like us, there are competitive and recreational games and events being hosted literally every day of the year. Not only will your game improve, but you’ll enjoy the heck out of playing with people from around the world.

We’re big fans of the Online Golf Tour. With more than 500 members globally playing some of the best courses in the world, OGT is quickly becoming a powerhouse in the online golf arena. The tour is member run and in our opinion the perfect choice for improving your game and having a ton of fun along the way.

Here’s just a few of the features of the OGT Tour.

Q School

Just like the pros, every new player starts off with Q School where you not only establish your handicap, but also learn the ins and outs of simulator golf. Once you’ve completed Q School, you earn your tour card and are on your way.

Tour Events

The tour events are where OGT really shines. Not only will you follow the PGA pros around the world, playing re-creations of courses such as Pebble Beach, that pretty one in Georgia and The Old Course, but you can compete at the level that fits your game. Want to try your luck against some of the best online players in the world? Join the PGA Tour. Hit it a bit shorter, or just getting started, join me on the Web Tour. Over 50, there’s a spot for you on the Senior Tour. And did we mention there’s a FedEx Cup, Ryder Cup and World Golf rankings as well? If you enjoy competing, you will have a blast on tour, just don’t give your families our phone number!

Scrambles, Exhibitions & Hazard Golf

The OGT Tour is not just competitive, it’s also a blast. There are literally games being played at all hours of the day and night and you can play online in team and individual scrambles, skins and exhibitions. The matches are streamed live and it is tons of fun. The technology is so good, that it is virtually the real thing. Your SIM Shed includes all the technology to join the tour and play online immediately.

Closest to the Pin

One of the most fun and competitive events on the tour is the weekly closest to the pin contest. Want to dial in your wedges and feel a bit of pressure along the way? The CTP is the way to go. With different course setups each week, you will soon see dramatic improvement in your short game play. Beware, it’s addictive.

Play Locally Alone or With Friends

The best part of the tour is that you can play at your convenience. You have seven days to complete your rounds and you can do so at your convenience. An added benefit is you can also have a buddy or two join with you, playing on your simulator. They get their own stats and you can play with or against them in tour events, scrambles and the combines. Game on!