Designed to fit your needs and your budget

Play golf anytime. In any weather. In your own backyard.

Our comprehensive residential SIM Shed design and build package includes all consultation, permitting, design, construction and installation. Your SIM Shed will be ready for your enjoyment upon delivery. The approximate timeframe for this work is typically four to six weeks from quotation acceptance to delivery. The tabs below outline the basics of a SIM Shed design and build project, however we encourage you to Contact Us for more information on bringing a SIM Shed home.

14 x 24 Shed      $25,000
Our default SIM Shed size.
Accomodates both lefty and righty
golfers. Perfect for golfing and

14 x 28 Shed      $30,000
The additional four feet of depth
allows for greater flexibility in
entertaining family and friends.

Base Trim Package      $13,000
Vinyl siding, trim, windows, french
doors, spray foam insulation, wall
carpet, vinyl flooring, paneling, light
fixtures, countertop, cabinets, & Wi-Fi
enabled heating & AC Unit.

Premium Trim Package      $17,500
Base Trim package plus clapboard or
shake vinyl siding, upgraded counters,
cabinets and fixtures.

Flat Roof        included
Our standard roof. Rated to withstand
New England snow loads.

Shed Roof      $3,500
A single slope roof gives your SIM
Shed a bit of pitch and character.

Gable Roof      $5,000
Two sloping slides come together at a
peak to easily shed water and snow.

Golf SIM Hardware
Launch monitor, gaming PC and
peripherals, touch screen monitor,
swing camera(s).

Golf SIM Software
Golf simulation practice and play
software and related hardware

Golf SIM Infrastructure
Stance and hitting mat, putting
surface with cups, premium impact

Golf Package Cost      $12,000+
Costs vary depending on your
requirements and budget and will be
defined during the design process.

Entertainment Package      $3,800
5 speaker home theater system, 1080P
short throw projector, 50 inch 4K HDTV,
6 foot couch, mini fridge.

Home Theater Seats (3)      $1,200
Upgrade from 6-foot couch

Home Theater Subwoofer      $300
100 watt amplifier for enhanced
movie/gaming sound.

4K Projector      $600
Upgrade from 1080p projector

70 inch 4K HDTV      $600
Upgrade from 50 inch 4K HDTV

Bose 600 Home Theater $3,200
Upgrade from standard home theater

Kegerator      $1,500+
Enjoy cold draft beer anytime with a
single or double tap kegerator.

Home Automation $800
Wi-Fi enabled lock, lights, security
camera and smoke detector.

Delivery      $2,500
Your SIM Shed will arrive fully
assembled and be placed via truckmounted
crane. If you are unsure about
access or placement we can conduct a
remote site survey with satellite
imagery or video conferencing. In
most cases we are not able to make inperson
site visits.

Installation           (included)
Once your SIM Shed has been placed,
our team will finalize the installation
and provide a comprehensive overview
and training session. 30 days of post
installation support is included.

Foundation (not included)
A six inch base of ¾ inch crushed stone,
16 x 26 or 16 x 30 depending on SIM
Shed footprint. Any local landscaping
company should be able to install the
SIM Shed base or DIY.

Electrical Service      (not included)
We require a 240-volt, 50-amp single
phase run to our panel. We will be happy
to speak to your electrician to answer any
specific questions regarding electrical and
if you’d like high speed internet and cable
TV in your shed we suggest running
Ethernet and coaxial cable to the shed as

Internet Access
Internet access is required in your
SIM Shed. If an Ethernet run is not
an option than a Wi-Fi antenna from
your home to the SIM Shed is a
viable alternative.

Payment Terms
A 50% deposit is required upon
acceptance of our quotation. The
balance will be due upon delivery.

The SIM Shed is warranted to be free
of material defect for a period of one
year. All 3rd party products will be
follow the manufacturer’s warranty.